original 1950s PRR ad, Rudy Garbely collection

Catalpa Falls

PRR #8404 - Click here for more information

The Catalpa Falls was built by Pullman-Standard as part of a May of 1946 order for 95 cars to completely replace the equipment on the Broadway Limited and other PRR name trains. The Catalpa Falls was delivered in May of 1949 as one of 11 six double bedroom/buffet lounge cars in the Falls series. The car was sold by the Penn Central into the private ownership of George & Marcia Payne in 1972. Other than some technological upgrades, the interior of the Catalpa Falls has not been reconfigured since it was built in 1949. In 2003, George & Marcia partnered with Bob Andrews to form The Catalpa Falls Group, LLC of San Antonio, TX, which now owns the Catalpa Falls. The car is based in Philadelphia, PA.

Colonial Crafts

PRR #8412 - Click here for more information

The Colonial Crafts was part of the same May of 1946 Pullman-Standard order, and was one of eight Colonial cars built to a one drawing room/three double bedroom/buffet lounge floorplan. The car entered service on June 4, 1949 in Chicago. In May of 1964, the PRR re-classified the car as a parlor and renumbered it to #7149. The Colonial Crafts was sold into private ownership, and it is owned by Bob and Susan Lowe and is based in Philadelphia, PA.

Frank Thomson

PRR #8423 - Click here for more information

The Frank Thomson, also part of the PRR’s May of 1946 order with Pullman-Standard, was one of seven observation cars in the “Presidents” series (named after former PRR presidents). The two drawing room/one compartment/one double bedroom/observation/lounge cars in this series were used on the top PRR name trains, including fleet leaders such the Spirt of St. Louis, Liberty Limited, and Cincinnati Limited, even occasionally filling in on the Broadway Limited. The PRR reclassified the car as parlor car #7156 in November of 1957, but returned the car back to its sleeper classification in June of 1958. The car was sold in the mid-1960s, and was badly deteriorated by the time it was rescued in 1980 by Dr. Mike Salwitz.  The car is now owned by Keystone Pullman Rail Tours and is based in the midwest.