original 1951 PRR ad, F. J. Payne collection

What happens if I need to cancel and have my ticket refunded?
Please read our “Cancellation & Refunds” section on our policies & disclaimers page.

What happens if the whole trip is canceled?
Please read our “Cancellation & Refunds” section on our policies & disclaimers page.

Are your train cars handicap accessible?
Please read our “ADA Compliance” section on our policies & disclaimers page.

What kind of luggage can/should I bring?
Due to the limited storage space aboard the train and the short duration of the trip (2 nights), guests are limited to a single rolling suitcase per person that conforms to the size restrictions of commercial airline carry-on/overhead compartment bags.

I live in Philadelphia. Can I board the train there instead of in New York?
Yes, you can board and depart the train in Philadelphia at 30th Street Station. The train will arrive in Philadelphia on Friday at 12:15 PM, so we advise that you arrive at the station no later than 12:00 PM. Please look for indicator signs for the Pennsylvanian and follow the directions of Amtrak staff members at the station. The train will return to Philadelphia on Sunday at 2:55 PM.

How does the bus trip to the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad and Harlansburg Station work?
The bus trip to the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad and the Harlansburg Station is included in the price of your ticket. Simply select is as an option when purchasing!

I am buying a lounge ticket. What hotel are my accommodations at, and how do I get back and forth between the hotel and the train?
Hotel accommodations for lounge passengers are at the historic Hotel William Penn. Transportation to the hotel on Friday night and back to the train Sunday morning will be included as part of your ticket price.

Where exactly do I meet the train in New York Penn Station?
If you enter the Amtrak area of New York Penn Station from the east (NJ Transit area), you will come down an escalator and be facing the view below. The Broadway Limited’s staff will meet our passengers in front of the Amtrak waiting area at 10:00 AM (the former location of the information booth). This area is noted with a “?” near the center of the map below.

What happens if the Amtrak train carrying the Broadway Limited is delayed?
The Broadway Limited is not responsible and accepts no liability for delays related to Amtrak’s operations that are outside of our control. Additional information is available under the “Connections” section on our policies & disclaimers page.