original 1950s PRR ad, Rudy Garbely collection

On the morning of Friday, July 12, 2019, you’ll be on your own to travel from your home to New York Penn Station in the center of New York City. From there, your journey on the Broadway Limited will begin.

The Journey Westward

Once you arrive at New York Penn Station, you’ll be met near the Amtrak waiting area at 10:00 AM sharp by a Broadway Limited staff member. You will be ushered through the bustling terminal and whisked down a staircase to the waiting train #43, the westbound Pennsylvanian, which traverses the original route of the Broadway Limited from New York to Pittsburgh.

Three original Pennsylvania Railroad passenger cars (the Catalpa Falls, the Colonial Crafts, and the Frank Thomson) will be waiting for you on the front of the train, gleaming in their shiny Tuscan red paint with imitation gold pinstriping. As you board these 70-year-old railcars, you’ll be transported back in time to 1949, confronted with the bold colors and styles of famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy. A Broadway Limited staff member will stow your bags while another leads you to your seats. At 10:52 AM, you’ll be on your way west, sailing along the Northeast Corridor at 110 miles per hour as you enjoy the lively camaraderie of 62 other guests. You will be free to explore and take advantage of available table seating in all three cars and the rear observation lounge in the Frank Thomson, which will be open to all passengers for most of the trip.

Just as the train rolls into Philadelphia to pick up additional passengers, you’ll be escorted to a nearby table to enjoy original lunch offerings from a 1950s Broadway Limited menu, prepared to order aboard the moving train. During lunch, the locomotive will be swapped from electric to diesel, and the train will be reversed, put the three Pennsylvania cars on the rear. Satisfactorily filled with the finest Pennsylvania Railroad cuisine, you’ll return to your seat in time to take advantage of your in-seat drink service and watch the cascading farmlands of Pennsylvania Dutch country flying by the picture windows. You’ll enjoy the mid-afternoon view under Harrisburg’s historic 1887 train shed and the breathtaking scenery of the Susquehanna River Valley as the train glides over the Rockville Bridge, a national engineering landmark.

As you begin your climb over the mighty Allegheny Mountains, a lottery will be drawn to determine the nine lucky passengers that will witness the world-famous Horseshoe Curve from the rear observation lounge in the Frank Thomson. As you pass through other railroading landmarks that marked the Pennsylvania Railroad’s engineering triumph over this mountainous terrain, you will be served an exquisite dinner, prepared from the original Pennsylvania Railroad recipes by our skilled on-board chefs.

Your Stay in Pittsburgh

The train will arrive in Pittsburgh at 7:59 PM, where you will disembark at the majestic station that the Pennsylvania Railroad constructed here in 1901. If you’ve booked a lounge seat, you will be whisked away to your hotel room at the historic Hotel William Penn (which is included in the price of your ticket) to relax in modern comfort and convenience or explore downtown Pittsburgh. However, if you booked a bedroom, the Broadway Limited staff will convert your room from its daytime seating to its nighttime bed configuration, with fine linens and plush pillows for your overnight comfort. When you return to the train for the evening (which will be waiting on a side track in the station), you will find comfortable blankets and evening drinks waiting for you, served by our always-available staff. As you retire for the evening, you’ll switch off the original 1949 cast glass reading lamp over your bed and drift off to a relaxing sleep.

On Saturday morning, an authentic Pennsylvania Railroad breakfast will be prepared for those who have slept aboard the cars. Then, all passengers will be on their own to explore the wonders that Pittsburgh has to offer. Visit one of two annual events occurring this weekend (the Pittsburgh Beerfest and the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix), ride the famous Duquesne Incline, get some homemade pierogis at Pierogis Plus (a Pittsburgh staple), or even continue the railroad theme with a visit to the shops and restaurants at Station Square (the original 1898 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad station and headquarters). If the hustle and bustle of downtown doesn’t appeal to you, a bus trip to the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad and the Harlansburg Station is also available, included in your ticket price.

The Return to New York

On Sunday morning, those passengers that have stayed in the hotel will be returned to the Pittsburgh station at 7:00 AM, where they will be met by a Broadway Limited staff member and ushered to the historic train cars on the rear of train #42, the eastbound Pennsylvanian, which will depart at 7:30 AM for its journey back across Pennsylvania. As the train reaches Latrobe on the western edge of the Alleghenies, you will select your preferred breakfast options from an original Broadway Limited menu. You’ll enjoy your meal while the steel-making city of Johnstown basks in the morning light outside the train.

As the train glides through Cresson and towards the historic Gallitzin Tunnels, a lottery of the passengers will again be drawn to determine the occupants of the Frank Thomson’s observation lounge for the trip around Horseshoe Curve. Breathtaking views of the Alleghenies will give way to the Pennsylvania Railroad’s home city of Altoona, where the stalwart Juniata Shops continue to serve the railroad industry as they have for over a century. The Broadway Limited’s original menus will be brought out again for lunch service as the train reaches the historic 1849 Lewistown Junction station, the oldest surviving Pennsylvania Railroad structure.

From Harrisburg eastward, the trip quickens, and you’ll feel the rush of adrenaline as you pass opposing trains at over 200 combined miles per hour. The rolling hills of of Amish country will give way to the bustle of Philadelphia’s suburbs and the sprawling grandeur of 30th Street Station, where the diesel locomotive will be swapped for an electric one before crossing the Delaware River into New Jersey. You’ll view the masterful 1930s art deco designs of Newark Penn Station before crossing the drawbridge over the Passaic River, the busiest railroad bridge in North America, and making a beeline through the Hudson River Tunnels into New York. The train will arrive at 4:55 PM, just in time for a wonderful dinner at any of New York’s fine eateries before returning home with memories of a nostalgic trip that hasn’t been possible in half a century.

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